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Simone Nelson is a qualified Herbalist, Naturopath, Beauty Therapist and Electrologist.

Simone has 35 years experience in beauty therapy and when she discovered her passion for herbal medicine, she became inspired to combine these two areas to create her organic, handmade, herbal skincare range.

Simone undertook her training to become a Herbalist and Naturopath at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in Dublin in order to become a truly holistic practitioner.

Simone works on the principle of healing from the inside out in addition to using topical treatments to alleviate and heal all varieties of skin conditions.


I spent 20 years trying creams, treatments, healers, sunbeds and steroids in an effort to manage my psoriasis. Nothing ever worked until I discovered Simone’s 2b Organic Herbal Therapy Clinic. Simone gave me advise I had never heard before and I finally found relief through herbal tinctures and topical application of 2b Organic Baby Cream. I cannot speak highly enough of Simone Nelson. If you are suffering from any kind of skin ailments I urge you to visit 2b Organic Herbal Therapy Clinic.

*please note that the results in these photos are not form the herbal treatment alone but also from the clients EpiPen.

Dean Kelly

I just want to compliment Simone and the team at 2B Organic. I recently began using their beard oil. I have Folliculitis and this has resulted in significant skin discomfort and an unsightly redness on my skin which you can see under my beard. I was always self conscious and have used several non organic beard oils in the past. These have resulted in my skin condition being exacerbated. Less than a week after using the 2B Organic beard oil, there has been a dramatic improvement in how my skin feels and looks. The redness has all but disappeared and  the discomfort with the associated inflammation has gone. The smell of the product is also great, very refreshing. My beard is much softer and shinier as well. I am so glad I found this product  and will continue using it. Thanks for Simone for the advice around using this. Her experience as a beauty therapist as well as a herbalist was very beneficial to me.

Patrick Judd

My son is 4 and has suffered with eczema since he was a baby I have tried what feels like every brand of creams and steroids there was and nothing would sooth the aggressive ezema on his body like the 2B organic products have and I’ve only been using them in the last few weeks, I was amazed at the results in such a short space of time. Since I was introduced to these products by Simone his skin has never looked and felt so healthy! I can honestly say I will never be using any other brand on our skin again. Simone is such a professional and would highly recommend trying her 2B organic products you will not be disappointed! Cant wait to visit the brand new salon in Swords to stock up.

Leah O'Neill

I’ve tried several different beard oils and I have to say that the 2B Organic Beard Oil is by far my favourite and a product I go back to time and time again. The spearmint in it leaves my beard feeling really clean and fresh, my wife loves the smell and has commented on how soft my beard is since using your oil! Fantastic product, thanks so much!


Gday Simone, My name is Darren Fitzpatrick. I am writing to you to thank you for your youth elixir moisturiser. I came across a sample of your product in a gym l was training in and have been purchasing it online from you for the last few months ,,, to which l have to say arrives on the given date stated when you make the purchase. I have very sensitive skin which is made worse after shaving, my face breaks out into a very sore red rash, for years l have tried all the male products on the market,,( to which l must add are at a terrible cost), and no relief in the soreness or reducing the red rash. I thought I would try your product as its states all natural ingredients, thinking it to be just another tin for the bathroom shelf, but from the minute l opened it and smelt the freshness, and the feeling of it between my fingers, l knew it was the real deal, it applies very easy to your skin and you don’t need a lot of it either, it makes your skin feel clean and dry immediately but very moisturised which l have never had before ,with the male products its normally sticky or oily and feels like my skin can’t breath, l am addicted to it now and have to say its the first product l have used that has brought relief to my face, and has nearly totally reduced the red soreness rash, it has also helped the skin around and under my eyes. As a successful business owner myself, l can see you have put a lot of time thought and research into this product. l was recently in America at a friends wellness centre called Bennessre in New Jersey which promotes wellness and natural/holistic products. l brought a sample for them to try, and guess what, like myself they where highly impressed so much so they asked me for your details, so as to contact you to enquire to buy from your self and be the sole distributor in the states. l am not sure if they contacted you as yet, but l know they will. So l would like to thank you for your wonderful product and l know as a business person its important and also nice to receive feed back to help further your products. l will now also be trying a lot of your other products as l have seen on your website you have are expanding your range, so from a very GRATEFUL and satisfied customer thank you and keep up the good work

Darren Fitzpatrick