2B Organic - Skin Clinic

Nestled in the hills of Cloyne, overlooking Ballycotton, 2B Organic Clinic offers an array of treatments and products all skillfully made by Simone.

Simone is a qualified Beauty Therapist, Naturopath, and Herbalist. She believes wellness is a holistic practice which is why she created a skincare range in conjunction with her Skin Clinic.


We are also opening in the Tree of Life, Malahide, Co. Dublin from the end of March. Call 086 8204567 for an appointment.

Bioresonance Therapy

Cost: €110 – First consultation (1 hour & 15mins)

Bioresonance therapy, developed in the 1970s by physicists and widely practiced in Europe, involves treating the body’s energy through vibrational frequencies. Every cell in our body possesses a unique vibration, and this therapy assesses the vibrations of all cells to identify areas with imbalances.

By detecting out-of-balance vibrations, the therapist can then apply the appropriate vibrations to restore equilibrium. For instance, if there is an infection, the therapy device can detect the vibrational pattern of viruses, bacteria, or parasites, addressing issues such as allergies, food intolerances, smoking cessation, or grief. This noninvasive approach is utilised for various bodily concerns. (Please note that I do not provide diagnoses but offer naturopathic advice and herbal medicine suggestions to empower you to make positive changes for self-improvement.)

Subsequent visits: €80
Herbal tinctures: €35 (one month supply)
Herbal Teas: €25 (one months supply)

Herbal Consultation


This 1 hour 15min consultation is for clients who wish to improve their health. Whether it is a skin complaint, or digestive issues, anything from your head to your toes. The consultation identifies through a serious of question and some diagnostic tools like the study of your eye (iridology) and the reading of your tongue. I will from a holistic approach give you advice on how you can help yourself. Through herbal medicine, herbal teas, customised creams or dietary changes. A Naturopathic advice sheet will be written for you with the recommendations. you can avail of the teas, tinctures and creams from the Clinic.


Herbal medicine can be given in many forms

  • Herbal tincture, 250ml one months supply – €35
  • Herbal creams, 50ml – €25
  • Herbal teas (depending on the prescription), generally 100grams – approx. €12

Herbal Facial


A 1 hour 15min facial starting with a turmeric, honey and oat drink which is a herbal remedy for inflammation.

A double cleanse, a facial scrub and the hot towel steam, the come done extraction. Face neck, head and shoulder massage.

A customised facial mask and a hand massage and moisturise.

Skin Consultation


If you’re experiencing unresolved skin issues, a one-hour skin consultation can be highly beneficial. The consultation involves a comprehensive assessment of you as a whole, covering aspects such as your diet, sleep patterns, skincare routine, medications, and more. Your skin, being the largest organ, reflects your internal well-being. It’s important to arrive without makeup, and if you typically wear makeup, please bring it with you.