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I offer a few different types of consultations which can be availed of by appointment only.

Herbal Consultation – €60

This 60 minute consultation is designed to ascertain specific details relating to you. And designing a Holistic help path for you, from the inside out and the outside in. It takes in to consideration you as a whole rather than just looking at one part of you. Naturopathic advice will be given on diet and recipes suggestion using herbs, supplements and lifestyle changes, and Herbal medicine will be given.

Herbal medicine can be given in many forms

  • Herbal tincture, 250ml one months supply – €35
  • Herbal tea, 100grams –  €9
  • Herbal creams, 50ml – €25
  • Herbal syrups, 100ml – €15


Customised Herbal Facial – €60

This 60 minute facial will include cleanse, scrub (where applicable), deep cleanse (where applicable). Herbal Mask designed for your skin type. Lymphatic drainage massage for detoxification of skin.

Customised Herbal cream, 50ml – €25
2b Organic products available in clinic for Men, Women, Children and Infants.



Lymphatic Drainage Massage – €80

This 1 hour 15 minute massage is for relaxation and detoxification of the body. Herbal oils will be used for your skin type and constitution.

Please note that there is a 24 hour non-refundable cancellation policy if you choose to only pay the 50% deposit at this time. The remaining 50% payment is due on the day of your appointment.

If you are interested in finding out more about any of the above services or to make an appointment please contact me.