Skin Care Testimonial – Kevin Homan


Hi Simone! I just wanted to reach out to you to inform you of my progress, and also thank you for the bespoke skincare product that you created for me. I have spent the last 3 years dealing with a condition whereby I would experience sporadic breakouts of red patches and scale-like blotches on my face.


This seemed to be localised to the T-Zone area of my face (the nose, eyes and brow area). Having visited Skincare clinics previously, I had been prescribed steroid creams. These creams when used seemed to work only for a short period of time, and ultimately would aggravate the condition in the long term. The relief provided by your cream has been a blessing.

The reduction in the red patches, and scale-like blotches has been dramatic, to say the least. I am even more particularly impressed by the fact that the cream itself is completely organic and made of natural ingredients. I am continuing with the use of your cream and incorporating it into my daily routine, to fantastic results. I have found your product extremely effective in keeping my skin looking as vibrant and healthy as possible.

Thank you!

Kevin Homan