Skin Care Testimonial – Patrick Judd


I just want to compliment Simone and the team at 2B Organic. I recently began using their beard oil.

I have Folliculitis and this has resulted in significant skin discomfort and an unsightly redness on my skin which you can see under my beard. I was always self conscious and have used several non organic beard oils in the past.

These have resulted in my skin condition being exacerbated. Less than a week after using the 2B Organic beard oil, there has been a dramatic improvement in how my skin feels and looks. The redness has all but disappeared and the discomfort with the associated inflammation has gone.

The smell of the product is also great, very refreshing. My beard is much softer and shinier as well. I am



so glad I found this product and will continue using it.

Thanks for Simone for the advice around using this.

Her experience as a beauty therapist as well as a herbalist was very beneficial to me.

Patrick Judd