Dirt Off (Not Vegan)


(100ml – Package Free)

Dirt Off is a cleanser for your skin, apply to dry skin as the product melts with the heat of your fingertips. Simone recommends that you start with your neck first, face, forehead, and eye area last in circular motions. Following that, you soak your face cloth with lukewarm water and remove the cleanser from your face. Dirt Off is also a product that can be used for shaving and to prevent beard rash. Simone recommends that you apply warm face cloth to your face to open up the hair follicles. After that, use Dirt Off to the area they want to shave and make sure the water is hot where you are dipping the razor to get the product off the razor. The product contains organic beeswax, which attracts water to hydrate your skin and rosewater, which has a lovely scent but also is nourishing and calming. Rosewater is also used for maintaining the pH level of your skin and helps reduce redness. The product also helps people with eczema, dermatitis, and sensitive skin.



(100ml – Package Free)

Organic Bees Wax
Organic Bees Wax fights bacteria. Bees make a protein, which fights antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Bees wax also restores and maintain the skins moisture as it attracts moisture naturally. Bees wax is also a hypoallergenic. it is also antinflamatory. Rich in vitamin A essential for the reconstruction of skin cells. Soothes and heals scars.

Organic Rose Water
Organic Rose water, rejuvenate and replenishes the skin, it locks in moisture due the natural oils found in Rose which are particularly good for a sensitive skin. Great for the treatment of Acne, Acne Rosacea, and eczema due to its antibacterial and antinflamatory effects. Also high in Vitamin C which fights free radicals so it is also Anti-aging. It is a natural astringent which soothes and tones the skin.

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100 ml packaged, 100 ml package free, 50 ml package free

How to use product

  1. Take a hot face cloth and apply it to the face for 30 seconds.
  2. Take about a 20c size of cleanser and apply it to the area to be shaved and rest of the face and neck. Massage it in to the hair and skin.
  3. Make sure your water in the sink is hot so that when you have shaved the area and are rinsing the razor in the water it melts the cleanser off the razor.
  4. At the end get a face cloth and soak in clean warm water and remove the rest of the cleanser.
  5. Apply Moisture On.


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