Nitey Nite Oil (Vegan)


(50ml – Package Free)

Nitey Nite Oil is a treatment oil and is a perfect addition to your night time skincare routine. Simone recommends that you use this product after cleansing and 20 mins before bed. The product contains argan oil, which is soothing for eczema and has anti-aging effects on the skin. The product also contains organic chamomile essential oil, which aids in a good night’s sleep, which is crucial for the cellular repair of the body, which occurs at night. Chamomile also aids with pain relief, suitable for dry and inflamed skin. It is also an anti-inflammatory.



(50ml – Package Free)

Argan oil
Argan oil, contains triterpenoids which among other compunds found in Argan oil reduce age spots and scars. They also have a reducing effect on the severity of acne and Dermatitis . Its full of vitamin C which has an anti-aging effect protecting and maintaining the skins elasticity

Organic Rosemary oil
this wonderful herb has many uses, it reduces pain, also antimicrobial, benefits dermatitis suffers. Good for oily skin. Helps with circulation this bringing lots of nutriants to the skin. It calms the mind which is essential for a good nights sleep.

Organic German Chamomile
A cup of chamomile tea should be taken when applying this night oil to the skin. Sleep is vital for the skins repair but chamomile is a natural probiotic. The chamomile essential oil contained in the Nighty night oil is anti-inflamatory useful in the treatment of Rheumatics and muscular pain and neuralgia.

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