Sweetie Pie Face Scrub (Vegan)


Sweetie Pie is an organic, natural exfoliator for the face. Simone recommends that you use this product once a week, excluding your eye area. The product contains organic coconut blossom sugar and organic jasmine oil. It is excellent for acne-prone skin primarily because it protects the skin from bacteria as it’s antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.

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Well known for its use in the perfume industry, Jasmine which is rich in Flavanoids and Cumarins which promote vascular health, increasing blood flow to the skin removing toxins. Promoting anti-aging effects. Jasmine also relaxes the mind alleviating stress, also known as an Aphrodisiac.


Organic Coconut Blossom Sugar
Blossom sugar which exfoliates the skin without harming the environment.


Do not use around the delicate eye area.

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50 ml packaged, 50 ml package free


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