2B Organic Irish Skincare

We don’t treat the condition but the whole body

I am absolutely honoured to be featured in the April 2020 edition of the RSVP Magazine. You can read all about my journey and what inspired me to setup my business 2B organic!

If you are putting organic produce into your body, it makes sense to put it on your body too

“As herbalists, we don’t treat the condition but the whole body, they are all interlinked”

Ever since my children were born, I wanted to launch my own skincare range.
My kids were my inspiration as they suffered from allergies, and after several tests we still didn’t know what was causing them. When my son was two years old, we went organic – and within two months all his allergies had practically disappeared.

After 32 years, I went back to college.
I qualified as a Herbalist and Naturopath – this was quite a challenge for me as it involved over 150 herbs (which all have Latin names!) and all the phytochemistry and pathologies that are associated with them. But I found it very interesting and inspiring.

“As herbalists, we don’t treat the condition but the whole body as they are all interlinked”

I set up my own company, B2 Organic, four years ago.
I now sell a range of organic beauty and skincare products for men, women and children. My products can do everything from nourishing and moisturising to fighting the signs of ageing and making your skin look and feel amazing, and they contain herbal medicine too.


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